About Me

Seyed Fardeen Nezami 

Seyed Fardeen Nezami 

In 2006, at just nine years of age, I began my coin collecting journey.  

One day I had walked out of the local convenience store and I saw that the clerk had given me some freshly minted 50 State Quarters as change.  I saw just how beautiful those quarters looked and how the designs stood out to me.  From that point onward I decided to assemble a collection of quarters from all 50 states of the United States.

Once I began collecting quarters from all 50 states, I had begun reading books about each state from my elementary school’s library.  The design of those quarters wowed me and learning of the history of each state intrigued me.  I’ve been hooked ever since to both coins and the history behind them.

Almost right from the start of my collecting journey, I also embodied an entrepreneurial spirit.  My dad started giving me two-dollar bills he had found at work and I would resell those for between three and five dollars a piece during school recess time.  I used the profits from the sale of those two-dollar bills to start expanding into other businesses; the reselling of hand-balls, home-prepared sandwiches, Silly Bandz, cans of soda, and Tech Decks. 
Several years later, in 2014, I discovered an up and coming numismatic community on Instagram.  Under the “Nezami Money” brand, I had begun selling rare U.S. coins and paper money that I had found in circulation over the years.  Once again, the two-dollar bills my dad had given me came into use.  I used the two-dollar bills my dad helped me accumulate over the years to help jumpstart the numismatic business on Instagram.

I soon realized that the U.S. numismatic market was largely saturated and that there was little room for profit if I wasn’t buying or selling in quantity.  Given that I was in high school at the time, it made more sense to shift my focus to reselling cans of soda, completing homework assignments and projects on behalf of other students for money, and reselling candies such as Pixy Stix while in class. 

Despite the success I had buying/selling while in high school, it was not going to last.  The love of numismatics and graduating from high school in 2016 convinced me that I would eventually return to the numismatic business.

After graduating from high school, I began working multiple jobs for other employers and saved whatever I could to start assembling a collection of higher-grade British India silver rupee coins.  In late 2018, I had accrued enough of a collection to return to the numismatic business.

Over the next few years, I used whatever money I had left from my paycheck and began assembling a humble collection of higher-grade British India One Rupee coins.  In late 2018, I sold off my British India silver rupee collection in order to relaunch the “Nezami Money” brand.  Nezami Money was now focused on buying and selling world silver coins on eBay and Facebook on a part-time basis.  There was a lot more potential in world silver coins than in the saturated U.S. coin market. 

In early 2020, as COVID-19 began spreading throughout the world, and restrictions slowly began being instituted, I was laid off from my job in the hospitality industry.  Shortly after that, I decided to go all in on the numismatic business.  

I soon rebranded “Nezami Money” into “S. F. Nezami” and began working on the business full time.  Under the S. F. Nezami brand, I began expanding my world silver coin offerings. 

In late 2020, I shifted the focus of S. F. Nezami to Afghan and Iranian coins, seeing that there was a lack of online retail supply of coins from both countries. 

I realized that Afghan coins sold on sites like eBay were either low value common-date coins or overpriced and not accessible to the average retail collector.  I came to the conclusion that this issue was even worse with Iranian coins as even legal-to-own, legal-to-sell Iranian coins were (and are) prohibited from being listed on sites like eBay. 

This site is dedicated to filing the void in the marketplace for quality Afghan and Iranian coins under the S. F. Nezami brand. 

In addition to running S. F. Nezami, I currently attend LaGuardia Community College.  I am pursuing a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Healthcare Management.  I'm also working on multiple #BuyAfghan projects, projects that goal to increase the export of Afghan products to the wider world.