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S. F. Nezami

Unique AH1255 (1839) Afghanistan Rupee (KM-484.1) Kabul Reverse Coin Die Uncancelled

Unique AH1255 (1839) Afghanistan Rupee (KM-484.1) Kabul Reverse Coin Die Uncancelled

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This is perhaps the most unique numismatic item in Afghan records.

This is an extraordinarily rare uncancelled Afghanistan reverse die, likely used to strike the 1 Rupee denomination coin (KM-484.1).

It is the only known die from Afghanistan for any denomination, cancelled or uncancelled.

Uncancelled dies from any country are extremely rare. This is no record in any publication or online site for a similar item from Afghanistan. The National Museum in Kabul had no dies of any era on display when I last visited in late 2020.

This die was likely used to strike the reverse of KM-484.1 Rupee coins minted in Kabul in the Islamic year 1255 (1839 AD), during the fifth and final reign of Shah Shuja al-Mulk.

In 1839, the British initiated the First Afghan-Anglo War and managed to install Shah Shuja back onto the throne so that he could be king for a fifth and final time. The British were eventually forced to retreat in 1842 and Shah Shuja’s reign came to an end. Shah Shuja’s legacy at the time was akin to what Ashraf Ghani’s legacy is today.

Specifications of the Die:

Weight: 206.59 grams
Width of the obverse flan: 35 mm (widest point)
Width of the reverse base: 38.6 mm (widest point)
Height: 24.9 mm

Inscription: ZARB DAR UL SULTANATE KABUL 1255 (۱۲۵۵ ضرب دارالسلطنۃ کابل)

Note: I’m still learning more about this die day-by-day.  When new information emerges, this listing will be updated to include said information.

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